Toby the German Shepherd Mix – Pittsburgh Dog Photography

Toby’s session marked the third time I’ve worked with his wonderful family who are just the absolute nicest people. For that reason alone, I was particularly excited to meet this sweet boy for a summer evening session outside Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Garden near Schenley Park.

His human sister Emma explains that Toby was found outside about six years ago–alongside his six brothers, sisters, and their mom–by a Good Samaritan who took them to the Golden Bone until they were able to find homes. When Emma and her dad went to look at a few of the remaining pups, it was Toby who fell asleep in her lap after after just five minutes; it was then they knew Toby belonged with them.

“When we brought him home, we got together as a family and thought of a few names before we decided on Toby,” says Emma. “He can be really energetic when he is excited to see his puppy friends or when people come to visit, but he also is a pretty calm and fun loving boy.”

“Toby is just a really fun, happy, and loving dog!” adds Emma.

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