Bobo’s Rainbow Session at Brady’s Run Park – Pittsburgh Dog Photography

Sometimes time moves faster than we’d like. Shark-tooth puppies turn into distinguished sugar faces, runs turn to walks, and over time we come to appreciate the quieter times spent together over life’s daily adventures. But, as the saying goes, the trouble is that we always think we have time.

Such was the case with Bobo, a roughly 10-year-old pit mix with a recent terminal diagnosis whose mom Julie reached out to me with a sense of urgency and uncertainty on a Friday. We prioritized her session for the following Monday at one of my favorite locations, Brady’s Run Park.

“Bobo was ‘acquired’ [after] neighbors of friends of an ex had adopted him from the pound because he was going to be put to sleep,” shares Julie. “After he was fixed, he did not get along with their other dogs and was put to live on a chain outside. We decided to give Bobo a chance several months after adopting Keli from a shelter in Cleveland in early 2014.”

“Bobo had a lot of issues and has come a long way. He is definitely my problem child but [he] wants to be a good boy,” explains Julie. “I have planned so much of my life around him the past six years and it has not been easy, but I am happy to have given him a happy life and I am grateful for how much he has taught me and proud of how far he has come.”

Julie told me that Bobo is generally relaxed at home, with occasional bits of play and fairly active when we are out and about, but weaker recently. Keli is also fairly lazy at home yet loves chasing her ball and always is excited and energetic when exploring new places. She has ears that stick straight up and is always down for anything.

“Some of my favorite things about Bobo are his sensitivity and how he likes to snuggle. Another thing would be his eyes. He’s a paw-crosser and always looks like such a gentleman when he does,” elaborates Julie. “I also love how excited he gets when I come home or when he knows we’re going for a walk and [how he] turns into a prancing antelope jumping around. He’s a weird and goofy dog and I always get a kick out of walking in to see him belly up–arms and legs every which way sleeping, or randomly standing on the coffee table. He also has the most adorable head tilt.”

Julie added that she would like some of the three of them together and a few of Bobo & Keli together, explaining “Other than that, just some of them being them. I would like some to be more intentional, but also [a few candids] of them enjoying the environment.”

We ended our evening at Brady’s Run’s 28-acre lake where Keli enjoyed jumping in over and over after her beloved orange ball while Bobo took a more reflective approach, watching Keli play and the geese float by. It was here that I also snuck a sweet moment of him alongside Julie gazing out over the water, one that turned out to be a favorite for the beautiful heirloom folio box she ordered.

Julie helped Bobo pass away peacefully at home with Keli at their sides about a week after we met. While she knew the inevitable was quickly approaching, the gratitude of having invested in this session and the comfort of having the stunning heirloom folio box she chose for these images has provided the ultimate solace during these first few weeks without Bobo by her side.

“Thank you again for going above and beyond throughout this whole process.”

Julie P.

Julie, I thank you for reaching out and trusting Bobo’s memories to me during one of the most somber times we experience as a pet parent. Saying goodbye is never easy, but I appreciate the heartfelt and beautiful way you’ve chosen to remember and honor Bobo’s companionship. Big hugs to you and extra pets to Keli as you navigate your new normal together.

To learn more or book a Rainbow Session for your beloved companion, click here or give me a call at 724-913-BARK (2275). Priority scheduling is available whenever possible to accommodate urgent session needs.

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